Portland Duplex Renovation

By far the most interesting project in a long while that never failed to surprise us with its diversity of project types under one roof. The project got underway in March just before the COVID pandemic began. Luckily carpenters were considered essential workers especially relating to providing safe housing. I recall driving to work down I-295 from Bowdoinham with only a few cars and trucks on the road. Working basically in quarantine, we suited-up with N-95 masks (which we had been using for decades already) from our last box, knowing we had better treat the mask preciously since they were in demand and hard to replace. Months went by as we gutted rooms, re-constructed framing, demolished old tile bathrooms, drywalled, trimmed, floored, sided, painted, and more. Subs came and went, new areas explored, opening up new challenges like cans of worms. Then the break-in occurred and wires were cut and taken, glass doorway entries broken, and several of our tools stolen. The project went on despite the setbacks. Nearly a year later the results were well worth the efforts. The home became a gleaming example of synthesizing the old architectural styles with the new ones.

“You and your crew were truly the heroes of this project!” – Luke Malone (owner)


Side Covered Porch

First Floor Bathroom

First Floor Kitchen

Second Floor Bathroom


Room Features

Second Floor Kitchen

Third Floor Bath

Front Entrance Porch

Other Projects

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