Serving Maine homeowners and businesses for over 35 years.


Will Zell

Will is the founder and lead carpenter of Maine Renovation LLC, where he focuses on developing a business based on solving the clients’ unique needs. He brings with him over 35 years of experience in the building trades and is a recognized craftsman in his community.
What inspires Will’s work ethic is not just his love of the craft and artistic background, but also his common sense, hands-on, and aesthetic sensibilities. Reliability, resourcefulness, and good ‘ol hard work drives Will.

“Builders not only build physically, but also build relationships, networks and ultimately community.” – Will Zell

Tristan Zell

Tristan is the driving force of completion at Maine Renovation LLC. His exuberance and skill set keeps growing year after year assuring that jobs are kept on budget and on time. With a background in business administration and real estate, he adds a unique perspective to project development. Buildings are important investments and he recognizes this through his knowledge of the intrinsic value of home improvements.

“In giving my all, I receive a special satisfaction at the end of a job. I’ve improved someone’s life and this is the whole reason we are doing this work.” – Tristan Zell

Conscientious Work. Collaborative Success.

“Derek and I are so pleased with the basement insulation work you did here. The basement is warm! And in turn the floors are warm. Thank you!”

MARY TERRY • Staging home for open house

“It’s my first time back to The Shack since your handyman work- I love it! Thank you so much. I have plans for your next trip! Thank you again.”

JULIA CAMPBELL - Preparing camp for Airbnb