Policies & Procedures

Terms and Conditions


Estimates are provided for budgetary purposes only. Estimates are not quotes but rather assessments of a project’s expected cost based on the sum of projected travel time, site time, materials, administrative costs, rental or third-party expenses, and other related costs.

Typical Process:

  1. Maine Renovation Inc. meets with client and visits work site.
  2. Based on input from client and our experience, an estimate is crafted and sent to client for review and approval.
  3. Once client accepts the estimate,  a deposit is secured, usually for 1/3 of the total projected cost and/or to cover materials.
  4. Depending on the scope and duration of the project,  the work tasks may be divided into phases, with project expenses distributed over multiple invoices. Typically we bill completed work weekly.
  5. Reasonable notice (change orders) will be provided when an unexpected cost considerably exceeds the sum of the estimate. This trigger amount is decided upon by client. Group communication proceed to solve obstacle. Discussion of plans for “what if scenarios” is essential before starting a project. An example of such a scenario is this:  In the process of our working we reveal a previously inaccessible area that is damaged (e.g., water damage decay), we would present the owner with the option of repairing this area before resuming work on the original task(s). We would discuss the cost of this additional work and how it affects the overall estimate. It is important to be aware that these situations can sometimes arise, and that, for both parties, to be prepared for them logistically and financially.
  6. The final bill is based upon the sum (or remaining total) of expenses incurred by Maine Renovation Inc. throughout the course of the project.


Maine Renovation Inc. charges for travel time when traveling to suppliers as needed throughout the course of a day. (e.g., material acquisition, rental returns). Project phasing, weather conditions, changes in scope of work, disruptions in resources, site availability, etc. can affect the completion time. Any recalculations of project scope and sequence is documented daily/weekly as needed.
When contracts include materials/supplies, these costs (or whatever constitutes 1/3 of the total projected cost of the estimate) must be paid in full at the start of a project. This is required due to material availability/distribution issues, rising cost of materials, time required to examine materials condition, and for material handling logistics.
By initiating work by Maine Renovation LLC you have agreed to our terms and conditions.
Payment(s) not received according to an approved payment schedule shall be considered past due, and Maine Renovation Inc. will not perform any work until all past-due payments are current.
All service calls will be billed at a minimum of 2 hours per worker on site.

Errors and Omissions

Construction modifications required, due to errors or omissions in design by the architect, contractor and/or customer will be billed at current time and material rates.
We shall not be responsible for the installation, damage, theft, vandalism, storage, or warranty of equipment, materials, and services supplied by others.

Codes and Construction Practices

Work done by Maine Renovation Inc. shall be in accordance with governed by the Maine Uniform Building Code and Uniform Energy Code (“MUBEC) and in concordance with local building codes and standard building practices. Requirements that are not codified as of the date of the estimate are excluded from this quotation. Client will pull and pay for all necessary permits for the work unless negotiated with Maine Renovation Inc.

Termination of Estimate

The estimate shall remain in effect for 30 days from the date of delivery to client. Once the client approves the estimate and gives permission to begin the work, Maine Renovation Inc. will schedule appropriate work periods and commence with the work.


Warranty of materials is covered by the building material suppliers or manufacturers.


Client may hire Maine Renovation Inc. to carry waste off-site or relocated it to a specific area on the property.

Tax Exempt Status

If a tax-exempt certificate is not going to be provided, appropriate sales tax will be applied at time of invoice(s).


Note: Our estimates and other business correspondences come from the email address: quickbooks@notification.intuit.com. Please add this email to your email contacts to avoid missing important communications.
A client will assign a primary contact that will be the go between for communication concerning the project. After initial contact has been established either through, phone call, email, social media, etc.., communications will be mostly continued through text messaging at: (Maine area code) – 504 – six, five, three, eight. This will assure that your messages are responded to on a timely basis.

Basic Rate

Labor rate per hour for contracted work is $80 per hour. This rate includes business overhead percentage and  insurances cost.  Other factors location  and scope of the project may also impact the contract pricing.

Holiday Rate

Holiday rate is calculated by adding 50% to basic rate (commonly called time-and-a-half).
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving:
Christmas Day