What do you need to know before remodeling?

Estimating Time

Maine Renovation (MR), creates an estimate on the cost and time of your project. We stand by our estimate and work diligently to meet its targets. Occasionally, scheduling delays with plumbers, electricians, or other sub-contractors is out of our control. Also, there may be some unforeseen discoveries during the construction process, such as finding a hidden wire running through a demo’ed wall, that will cause us to stop, take note and re-plan a path forward. All of these circumstances are usually mitigated quickly and we are back on track.

Plan A, B, C …

It is a good idea to have a contingency plan for delays before starting a project. This can mean:

  • adding a few extra days to back end of the overall work period. This would allow us to work without interfering with your domestic routines.
  • expand the time we can work in a day to maximize efficiency. Eight to twelve hour days are common for us.
  • provide yourself with alternative resources, such as another bathroom.

Suggested Access and Resources

Here is a checklist of our required and preferred needs in regards to the physical layout of the work site.

 Supply electrical outlets
 Provide am entrance way that is lockable.
 Show best windows that dust control ventilation can be placed
 Show us which pathways (if working inside) we should lay down a protective floor covering
 Give us access to the main shutoffs of building systems such as breaker box, water shut-off, smoke detector disabling, and other pertinent systems.


Despite our best efforts to contain the air within a work site via plastic, ventilation fans, vacuums, or whatnot, there will be dust. We strongly recommend that you cover any areas you want dustless. It is a good idea to schedule a maid service to come and clean afterwards.


In the course of construction we generate many types of waste, such as: wood, metal, plastic, mixed debris, and others. Depending on the agreement in the estimate, we will either haul the debris away ourselves, have a waste container set on site scheduled for pickup, or hire a rubbish remover. We organize and isolate the waste on the job site for pickup. Any extra materials you may want to save, we can store on the premises for you.


We use Low-VOC paint, which means that the paint contains less than 50 grams per liter of volatile organic compounds. This amount of volatile compounds is safe for humans. Some solvents used for floor finishing require an external vent in order to maintain healthy air. Other odors emanating form the work zone could include: fragrant forest scents, the warm musky overtones of drying plaster on drywall, the art school aroma of drying varnish, and hopefully none of our workers.

Safe Space

Having been robbed twice, we have become risk averse. Depending on the materials, some can be left out. Our tools are stored away and anything valuable is secured.

On site or off

If we were offered to use you facilities, we would be respectful of your space and sanitary. If on site bathrooms are not available we would travel to the nearest location on break.

To a degree

Having the ability for us to text back and forth in quick-response mode, or that you are a phone call away is our minimum requirement next to being there. Aside from the  the important decision making moments that require a walk-through, you won’t need to be on site as we work. Schedule daily check-ins so that the scope and sequence of the work stays within expectations.


We usually work from 7am to 5-6 pm week days. However, depending on each clients preference, we can alter that. If there is the ability to extend these hours, we would gladly accept the time. Special requirements, such as evening through early morning or weekends, holidays, and accelerated completion requests will be charged an additional percentage per hour.

Due upon receipt

Depending on the scale of the project, we request payment in weekly intervals or any earlier completion date. Most jobs fit into this weekly payment arrangement easily. For information on deposits and other policies and procedures, visit: https://mainerenovation.com/policies-procedures/. It is required for each client to view this page and understand and agree to its terms.


Each issue has at least one solution. Many of the issues that we have encountered involve damaged materials, waiting for subs to finish their part of the work, weather restraints, delivery timing, waiting on decision making processes, supply chains, and change orders due to new discoveries. Work doesn’t stop while these issues are being resolved. We adapt and keep the project progressing in other ways. Any unexpected issues that arise will be shared with the client instantly. Any issues the client sees or suspects,  should be shared and discussed ASAP. There are several methods we could use to solve issues: insurance, warranties, return policies etc. Our customer satisfaction rate is what drives our love of this trade.