Maine Renovation LLC carries a commercial general liability insurance policy.

Definition: “Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by the business’ operations, products, or injuries that occur on the business’ premises or work sites. Commercial general liability can help protect a business from losses due to third-party bodily injuries, third-party property damage, reputational harm like libel and slander, and advertising injury (when another business claims your advertising looks too much like theirs). This type of insurance can help cover the cost of legal teams to represent your business, witness fees, evidence costs, judgments, or settlements. These policies are not for professional errors or omissions, only for “resulting or consequential damages” to the property or people, which includes claims like costs for lost profits and revenue. It is not required by law for all businesses to carry this type of insurance, but many administrative rules by state agencies overseeing the construction industry require construction contractors to have CGL insurance.”

Reference: Journal of Light Construction

Download a copy of our general certificate (proof of insurance). Custom certificates are available on request.