Munjoy Hill

Facade Renovation:

Under the fading chipped paint and undetectable from first glance, were several areas of decay. In just these few areas, water was able to leak in and cause damage to the interior walls; lifting the wallpaper, plaster, drywall, and paint. Due to the height of this area, a scissor lift was required.

Porch Steps Renovation:

Multiple owners have left there style on this apartment. After a point the architectural integrity and style can get compromised. They chose to remove the parts that didn’t fit and in keeping with the style of the original version of this building, they remade the railing. Awkward areas where the vinyl siding and aluminum gutter work intersected. we smoothed out the transitions.

Interior Renovation:

Two floors were renovated. The room layout was repeated on these two floors. The kitchen space opened up. The bathrooms cleaned up well.

Other Projects

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